To Chip Or Not To Chip (your dog or cat, that is! )

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It’s almost the end of summertime again, which means among other things that hurricane season is here!  Among the many things to give thought to is the safety and welfare of our pets.  We all remember the sad stories of the many lost pets after Hurricane Katrina.  Without an identification system, the chance of reuniting lost pets with their owners is remote.


A microchip can literally mean the difference between life and death.  It is estimated that 10 million pets get lost every year, and between 30 – 60% of lost pets in shelters are euthanized because they cannot be properly identified and returned to their owner.  Since most shelters and veterinarians have hand-held microchip scanners, it is a safe, fast and inexpensive way to identify an animal and return it to its rightful owner.


A microchip is a tiny capsule about the size of a grain of rice.  It is injected (much like a vaccination) under the flap of skin on the back of the neck, and does not change or harm the appearance of your pet.  The injection is quick, easy and virtually painless.  No anesthesia is needed. 


The microchip is permanent and cannot be altered, which makes it a much better alternative to pet identification than a simple collar or tattoo.  After all, collars can and do fall off (or if you’re like me, the collars are not always put on)!  Tattoos can fade over time or be obscured by hair growth or a scar in the skin.


Along with the physical chipping of your pet, the chip identification number must also be enrolled with a registry that holds relevant information on you and your pet.  There are different registry programs available to choose from, depending on the services offered by each.


Microchipping your pet and activating the registry membership is a relatively inexpensive procedure. The benefits of a microchip are substantial!  Please call us at 954-491-1222 if you’d like more information on the procedure.  With hurricane season upon us, now is the right time to protect your pet with a microchip for identification.


Douglas Thieme DVM

Seiler Animal Hospital





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