Handy tips to make your visits with us go more smoothly:

When you call for an appointment…..

Briefly tell the receptionist what problems your pet is having. – This will ensure we have the appropriate time allotted for your visit.

Please tell us if your pet needs refills on medication. -Telling us ahead of time allows us to have those prescriptions ready for you before you arrive.

Inform us if you need prescription foods. -So we can be sure to have them in stock.

Tell us if you are bringing in a new pet. – Even if you have been to see us before, your new pet needs his or her own paperwork.

Please call and let us know…..

If you have an emergency – We will try to have everything ready for you before you arrive.

If your pet is ill – A quick phone call will let you know if we need to see your pet  today.

If you cannot make your appointment or are running late- We can at that time make accommodations to fit you in or reschedule if needed.

If there is an emergency, it will take priority over all appointments. We greatly appreciate your understanding in these circumstances.


Make sure we have as much contact information as possible.-We need to be able to reach you immediately should questions arise about your pet´s care.

Bring any medications or special diets that may be needed during his or her stay.- This is especially important for our avian (bird) patients who usually have an extremely varied diet.

Surgical Procedures-

Drop off at the time specified by the receptionist. We run bloodwork on all of our surgery candidates which must be completed early. If your pet is to be sedated and sent home in the same day, he or she must also be given enough time to recover.

Tell us if your pet was accidentally fed before a procedure! If your pet is currently on medication check with the staff prior to surgery day to determine if medications should be given before dropping off. Bring all medications that your pet is currently on.

Appointment Date-

Please keep your pet on a leash or in a carrier at all times.- Frightened animals have been known to run for the open front door at the slightest provocation.

Bring all your pet´s medications- This is extremely important in cases where you have obtained medications from another doctor.

Bring a urine and/or fecal sample.- We recommend a fecal examination every six months. We also run tests on feces and urine if your pet is ill.

Bring any medical records from other veterinarians.- The more background information we have on your pet, the more successful our treatment will be.

Arrive 10 to 15 minutes ahead of time if you are a new client and need to fill out paperwork. All paperwork must be entered into the computer, and a new file must be created before you can see the doctor. Please help us get you to your appointment on time.